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      Away Days: Wolverhampton Wanderers - 22.10.2016

      Wolverhampton Wanderers v Leeds United Saturday 22nd October 2016 3pm Kick-Off.

      The following information is provided from a variety of sources. Jon Howe, Trust Board Member for Policing and Stewarding can be contacted via twitter @jonhowe1971 or via the contact us section of this website.

      Driving Directions

      From The South Leave the M6 at Junction 10 and take the A454 towards Wolverhampton. Continue to follow the A454 right into Wolverhampton (be wary of speed cameras on the A454). On reaching the traffic island that intersects with the ring road, turn right. As you approach the second set of lights look for the signs for football parking. The ground is over the second set of lights on the right. Alternatively if you turn left into the city centre you may find a space in one of the many council run 'pay & display' car parks.

      From The NorthLeave the M6 at Junction 12 and take the A5 towards Telford and then turn onto the A449 towards Wolverhampton. On reaching the traffic island that intersects with the ring road, turn right. Then as South.

      Post Code for SAT NAV: WV1 4QR


      There are several ‘private’ parking premises close to the stadium. There is no official parking remaining at the ground itself as it is all sold out. Coaches must park at Faulkland Street which is approx 10 mins walk form the ground and there is a charge at £15 per coach.


      Coach Directions

      Coaches travelling from the South are requested to travel North on the M6.

      On reaching junction 10A exit the M6 onto the M54. Travel along the M54 for approximately one mile and exit the M54 at junction 2.

      At Junction 2 turn left onto the A449 which leads into Wolverhampton. Turn left onto the Wolverhampton Ringroad at Kwikfit and then first left into the coach park. The postcode for the coachpark is WV1 1JN.

      Coaches travelling from the North West, are requested to leave the M6 at junction 11 and turn right onto the A460 towards Wolverhampton. On reaching the M54 turn right onto the M54 for one junction exiting at junction 2, turn left onto the A449 which leads into Wolverhampton. Turn left onto the Wolverhampton Ringroad at Kwikfit and then first left into the Coach park. The postcode for the coachpark is WV1 1JN

      Coaches travelling from the North East are requested to travel along the A38 to the A5 then West along the A5 until they reach the A460 then along the A460 until the M54 then as above.

      Train information

      Wolverhampton railway station is located approximately 0.7 miles east of Molineux Stadium, across the other side of the city’s A4150 ring road. Services in and out of the city to the rest of the UK are operated by four train companies: Virgin Trains, London Midland, CrossCountry and Arriva Trains Wales.

      The distance by foot will likely take you around 15 minutes.

      Walking Directions

      1. Exit the station from the main entrance on Railway Drive.

      2. Follow this road as it passes under the busy A-road and turns into Lichfield Street.

      3. Turn right onto Princess Street and straight across the Hogshead roundabout.

      4. Continue until you get to the ring road and cross the road at the traffic lights.

      5. Wolves’ stadium is to the left of the University campus.




      The Blue Brick on Sun Street (WV10 0DJ) is the only pub accepting away fans. Any other pub will be asking for a ‘home’ ticket prior to anyone being served alcohol.
      Also note there will be no alcohol served on the concourse area.


      Policing issues

      We are not aware of any at this stage.


      Potential flash points/Dos and Don’ts

      Stay clear of the subway area as this is where the majority of Wolves fans make their way to the ground. Clearly we advise not to engage in any form of behaviour which could result in disorder but please go to enjoy the game and the atmosphere. Try and leave the ground as efficiently as possible and make your way to the relevant car/coach park or train station.


      Stewarding issues

      We are not aware of any at this stage.

      Ticket restrictions

      The restrictions are as per any normal home game for Wolves in that the club are monitoring very closely any attempts at purchasing tickets without a purchase history especially with an address outside the Wolverhampton/West Midlands area.


      Further information

      Please check WYP Twitter @LUFC_WYP for info on alcohol restrictions in place on the day and any other travel or supporter issues.

      Please also check the official Wolves Twitter account @OfficialWolves for up-to-date information.


      Whole Game Solution, Have Your Say

      A chance for Leeds United Supporters to be heard.

      The Football League (EFL) will be consulting its 72 clubs on a range of proposals the 'Whole Game Solution' <http://fsf.org.uk/latest-news/view/football-league-restructure-plan-taken-to-clubs>
      that affect the structure of the bottom three divisions as well as the English football calendar - including regionalising of the bottom two divisions, creating an extra division, a winter break and moving two rounds of the FA Cup.

      The Football Supporters' Federation (FSF) will lead a delegation of fans meeting the EFL next month and the 'Whole Game Solution' will be at the top of the agenda.

      With this in mind the FSF would like to gather your thoughts on the 'Whole Game Solution' and the other issues it raises in order to take the views of genuine supporters to the EFL. To help them do this the FSF have launched a new survey here <https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/whole-game-solution>.

      They would like to hear from you and all supporters, and the Trust would like as many Leeds United fans as possible to contribute.


      Leeds United Supporters Trust Thank You.

      The Leeds United Supporters Trust expresses its appreciation to the outgoing Elections Management Group Independent Chair.

      At the 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) the Independent Chair of the Trust Election Management Group (EMG), Mr Thomas Hirst, stood down after two years of service. The AGM attendees showed their appreciation for the work Thomas undertook and after he was presented with a token of that appreciation by the Chair (donate by the Chair).

      The Trust again thanks Thomas for his dedication and wishes him the all the best for the future. We also thank those shareholders who assisted the EMG this year.


      Chairs Report to the 2016 Trust Annual General Meeting.

      Leeds United Supporters Trust Chairs Report 2015-16.

      A year ago I stood in front of some of you as Interim Chair at a clearly difficult pivotal moment. The Trust had a myriad of issues to resolve, some of which we were yet to discover. One year on and we meet in different conditions and circumstances.

      As the previous items on finance showed a major focus has been survival. The turnaround from £2000+ losses to nearly £1000 surplus has been a hard road. The 15-16 board (and the Interim arrangements before) has had to work hard to achieve this result.

      I pay particular tribute to the Secretary Martha Zantides and outgoing co-opted board member Tracy Barnes for their work on the finances and accounts. The diligence and commitment shown by these two has been inspirational and I thank them and other board members involved profusely.

      Related to that was a series of regulatory issues outstanding. Again Martha has been invaluable throughout the difficult times and Rick Duniec with his knowledge as also been helpful. We believe we have ensured the Trust is up to date on its regulatory obligations again. We intend to ensure it always stays that way in the future.

      In terms of Shareholder numbers we have recovered from the dip of recent years. Numbers are on a slow but consistent monthly rise. The dizzy heights of 2012 numbers is yet to be matched but we aspire to do so. Stephen Clark has given the Trust the value of his organisational abilities and common sense in ensuring our Shareholder and free membership list are accurate.

      There is more to be done on raising Shareholder numbers. The 6500 free members should be converting into Shareholders on a regular basis. The introduction of Continuous Membership added to other options is a start on making subscription easier, we continue to work on that marketing.

      The last year has seen the Trust engage constantly through social media channels. Adam Willerton has been the board member reigning in the old man Chair and providing the experience of youth. I thank him for his patience and his continuing work as we move towards a new website soon.

      We have been asked to do a variety of media over the last 15 months, including a lot of radio. I have also enjoyed assisting students with dissertations or course work, we receive a surprisingly high number of such requests and we gladly assist.

      Invariably some media requests are urgent and require a “thinking on our feet” response. Also inevitability those requests come after the club/owner has done something controversial. At all times board members have responded professionally in the last year.

      Let us be honest, relations and communication streams with the club are limited. That is predominately of the clubs choosing and reflects the micro management from the top down. We have made representations across a series of issues but found responses limited or non-existent. We maintain communications with the club SLO, Adam again as been pivotal in that.

      Whilst it takes two to tango it will always be a priority to come to hopefully improve the lines of communication. The Trust however is very clear, the club and the owner need to show respect to supporters and supporters groups in order to make that productive.

      The new Structured Dialogue rules for Football League clubs is an opportunity for the club to start again. We await their proposals for adherence with interest. The Trust also keeps an eye out for significant developments on the club ownership front.

      2015-16 has not been without its issues. Whether it’s the away allocation debacle, the South Stand stewarding issues, ticket pricing and in particular the Pie-Tax or the £5 on the day ticket premium, the club seems at time impervious to the alienation it sometimes causes to the fans.

      Of course occasionally we get a positive development, of which the cuts to u16 season tickets prices is but one. It is however initiatives like that and the “refund” offer that gets swamped by unwise owner media appearances, the continued selling of young home grown talent, the continued financial uncertainty and the revolving door policy at football manger and CEO level the club seems to have.

      The Trust has continued to call for the stability needed to allow the football side to flourish. We judge the club, and the owner, on their actions case by case, we find them wanting a lot. We hope in 2016-17 that stops being the case but if it isn’t we continue to use the values and principles of a co-operative supporters Trust to make the fans case.

      The stakeholder work is continuous although the results are mixed. We continue to adhere to the friendship pack signed with Leeds Fans United in July 2015 and will look to strengthen contacts with the Leeds United Supporters Club under their new leadership. We look forward to LUSC celebrating their 50th year in 2018.

      In the course of the year I have made statements on the need for Leeds United Independent Supporters Groups to come together to work as one voice, the board accepts this is a long term work-stream.

      Of course one change in the last year is the birth and presence of Time To Go Massimo. My view has always been that TTGM have brought an inventive approach to garnering publicity and making some salient points to the club’s existing owner. For them to do so peacefully and lawfully is something to respect.

      No formal relationship exists between TTGM and the Trust, we after all need to take a longer view and try and avoid another “frying pan to fire” prospect after any sale. However they know where to find us when requiring an analysis and where we agree with their perspective, because it reflects the values and principles of the Trust, we have no fear in saying so.

      The landscape of supporter unrest has changed in the last few years, bottom up agitation, with formal groups like Trusts only part of the mix, is the new order of the day. Whether it’s CAST and CARD at Charlton Athletic, or Tangerine Knights and the Blackpool Trust (not to forget Coventry City, Hull City, Leyton Orient, Newcastle United and other “basket case” clubs) it’s a brave new world. The Trust is happy to support and be associated with fellow Trusts from those clubs.

      The Trust has played it part in the Supporters Direct movement. I thank all at SD, but particularly Jacquie Forster, Nicola Hudson and James Mathie for the support over the last 15 months. We are also working with the FSF.

      So in conclusion (and I could go on across a wide spectrum), a difficult time for the Trust has I believe been negotiated carefully. I would like to thank those who served the Trust and departed, Chris Liversidge and Richard Cooke. It has been a real pleasure to serve as Chair in 15-16, the calm and consideration shown to each other by board members when discussing difficult matters has been a particular bonus. I thank them all, and our advisors like James Ellis (Media), for the hard work. I am very clear that no other persons, no other collective leadership, would have been able to achieve more as a board given the problematic starting base and the limited financial and personnel resources. I commend that achievement, the hard work of the 15-16 board and this report to the meeting.

      Michael Green – Chair. 08/10/16.


      Annual General Meeting 2016 Final Call

      The Leeds United Supporters Trust Annual General Meeting 2015. Saturday 08th October 2016, Room 6/7, Leeds Civic Hall. 11am coffee for 11.30am start.

      Please use the side entrance of Leeds Civic Hall on Portland Crescent and then after security check-in make your way to Room 6/7. Shareholders should claim their voting card on entry to the meeting room. Please note if you are not up to date on your annual subscription you are not a voting Shareholder and no new Shareholders joining between now and the AGM will be allowed to vote this time around. Please also note the Proxy Vote application window is closed. Please note Committee Room 6/7 is fully accessible.

      The formal business will commence at 12pm, the agenda is:

      1. Welcome and Introduction:

       The Chair will open the formal AGM, do the house-keeping, hold a minute’s reflection for those whom have passed away in the last year and introduce Cllr James Lewis (Deputy Leader Leeds City Council) to welcome us to Leeds Civic Hall.

      1. 2. Apologies:

      Any shareholders who wish to be formally noted as apologising for absence, including proxy vote applicants.

      1. 3. Minutes from last AGM – Matters arising:

      Accept the minutes of the 2015 AGM (see copies) and any matters arising not to be addressed in the rest of the agenda.

      1. 4. Trust Accounts and related statements:

      i) Outstanding issues from the 2013-14 accounts (see copies).

      ii) Outstanding issues from the 2014-15 accounts (see copies).

      iii) The accounts of the Trust 2015-16 (see copies).

      iv) Any related financial information including appointment of 2016-17 independent assessors.

      1. 5. Report of the Chair of the Trust:

      The written (see copies) and verbal report of the Chair relating to the Trust 2015-16.

      1. 6. Election of New Board Members:

      The Independent Chair of the Trust’s Election Working Group to give a report on the election of new board members for 2016-19, a ballot (if required) and formal welcome of those duly elected. (Please note Agenda items 5 and 6 may be swapped around if time pressures require).

      1. 7. Any other urgent business:

      Any urgent business not covered by the Open Forum.

      1. 8. Time and Date of next AGM and closure of formal AGM:

      The 2017 AGM recommended date is Saturday 7th October 2017.

      1. 9. Open Forum (after short Interlude):

      A short interlude to allow shareholders, members and invited guests to grab provided refreshments. Then Nicola Hudson of Supporters Direct will update on matters such as Structured Dialogue and Whole Game Solution and this will lead into a general discussion around all matters football, Leeds United and supporters. Invited special contributors include Sharon Reid (Leeds Fans United), Gary Cooper (Leeds Ladies), and the Trust Chair.

      Close no later than 2.15pm. 

      The following Shareholders are on the ballot for election to the 16-17 Trust Board:

      Tracy Barnes

      Dave Carrington

      Emma Carrington

      Jon Howe

      Chris Hunter

      Ian McMullen

      Ben Tomenson

      Danielle Whisker

      Steve White.

      2016-17 Board members will hold a short meeting post AGM.

      The Trust Board looks forward to seeing Shareholders, free members or Leeds United supporters at the 2016 AGM.