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      Statement. Complaint made against the Trust Chair.

      The Trust makes the following statement:

      The Trust has received a complaint from an existing Shareholder, Mr Mark Jordan, to the effect that he wrongly was prevented from standing for the Trust Board through the 2015 AGM process by the actions of the present Chair, Michael Green. The Chair denies this accusation.

      Mr Jordan has indicated through correspondence that he intends to circulate his accusations and other potential defamatory statements publicly (and also accuse the Chair of threatening him with legal action, something the Chair is more than happy to defend his right to do given Mr Jordan's extensive history of complaints and accusations towards the Trust) and involve non relevant third parties (in this instance Leeds United Football Club). The Trust wish it to be known that we will follow all correct processes, as advised by Supporters Direct, to have the complaint fully investigated and that the Chair will not be involved in this process other than defending himself. However it is a completely different matter where possible defamatory public statements are threatened. The Chair reserves the right to respond accordingly if such statements accrue and the Trust reserves the right to defend the integrity of the 2015 Elections Working Group (independently chaired). Any action the Chair takes will be paid for by himself.

      The Trust will be making no further statements on this complaint until investigation process is complete. The Chair will continue to perform his ongoing duties (unless advised otherwise).



      Leeds United Supporters Society 14-15 Accounts.

      How shareholders access the 14-15 accounts in advance of the 2016 AGM.

      Following enquires to the Trust if any shareholder wishes to see the draft 14-15 accounts they can do so by the following process:

      * Email chairman@lufctrust.org requesting to see them.

      * Indicate you are a fully paid up shareholder (and if so required show proof) and provide a correspondence address that matches your Shareholder details.

      * Await the arrival of a hard copy in the post.

      The 14-15 accounts are with the FCA, when they put them up on their website (or they are seen at the 2016 AGM, whichever is later) we will put a link on to them on this website. It is not appropriate for the Trust to put up a web version yet as they have yet to be presented to the Shareholders at an AGM.





      Sponsorship of Leeds Ladies FC Player.

      The Leeds United Supporters Trust (LUST) is proud to announce sponsorship of the Leeds Ladies full back Catherine Hamill for the 2016-17 season.

      Catherine is an exciting, attacking full back who, in the best Leeds footballing tradition, has worked her way through the Leeds Ladies development structure to become a first-team regular.

      Pacey and powerful, she is a nightmare for opposition attackers who find her hard to get past, while also offering support for the team’s attack when necessary.

      Furthermore, she never shirks a challenge and is 100 per cent Leeds to the core.

      LUST chair Michael Green said: “Over the last couple of years and at a time when Leeds United continued to disappoint on and off the pitch, Leeds Ladies have shown how real footballing progress can be made when there is organisation, a plan and purpose of thought off the pitch that aligns with on-field efforts.

      “We think Catherine displays the tenacity and ideals that Leeds fans respect and admire, and think she is a perfect fit for the ethos of the Trust.

      ”We wish her and the team all best for a successful season and look forward to seeing them progress further.”

      It should be noted that no LUST shareholders funds were used for the sponsorship of Catherine. The cost has been covered by personal donations from Trust board members who wished to show their solidarity and appreciation for the efforts of the Leeds Ladies team, management and board who are all pulling together to forge a bright future for at least one of "we are all Leeds aren't we" footballing teams.


      Goodbye 15-16, we stay Marching On Together.

      Another turbulent season has come and gone at Elland Road, and yet, no matter what has happened over the course of those 46 games we’ll still be optimistic for the start of the next one.

      The Leeds United fan base is in a strange place at the moment with protests and counter protests taking place, but rest assured we are still all longing for the same thing - a successful football club.

      We are firm believers that a successful club needs a strong supporters trust, and after a period of unseen hard work and restructuring, the Leeds United Supporters Trust is in a position to re-engage with our members. Over the summer we will be reaching out to our shareholders and members to gauge opinion and listen to your questions and concerns with the goal of helping to push this football club forward.

      Football without fans is nothing, and we remain committed and focused in standing up for all Leeds United fans in these continuing difficult times.

      For day to day communications, you can follow us on Twitter at @lufctrust and visit our Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/lufctrust/ .

      If you have any questions, comments or concerns you would like to raise with the Supporters Trust, you can contact us via the contact form on our website or send us an email at chairman@lufctrust.org and we will respond as quickly as we can.

      We face another pre-season filled with uncertainty; ownership, management and playing staff but we will strive to keep you as well informed as possible while taking on board any comments you might have.

      Leeds United Supporters’ Trust is a fully democratic organisation. Upon joining the Trust as a shareholder you will own 1 share in the organisation and will have the right vote on all Trust matters at our Annual General Meeting.

       If you would like to join the Trust as a shareholder or would like more information, you can visit our shareholder page here http://lufctrust.squarespace.com/ .

      We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

      Adam Willerton (Social Media and Engagement Board Member) for Leeds United Supporters Trust.

      One Voice, Your Voice.


      Chairs Report Special. Marches work.

      Tomorrow Time To Go Massimo march to highlight the constant crises the club is embroiled in under own present ownership structure. The Trust Chair takes this opportunity to wish the march well, praise the “ground up” approach of the organisers and to remind us of the proud history of Leeds United supporters’ marches.

      It is fair to say it been an interesting week on and off the pitch. The latter continues to drag the good name of the club through the mire whilst the former settles down to our now 5 years old lower half of the Championship mediocrity. Tomorrow the frustrations of both those realities come together to manifest itself in a march (staring 1.15pm from City Square). As Trust Chair I wish the marches well, anything which alerts people to the cluster-chaos and incompetence that is Leeds United Football Club in 2016 and asks for the change needed has to be a good thing. Each individual Leeds supporter must decide if they support the aims of the march and Time To Go Massimo but in my humble opinion no-one has the right to question the right of fans to articulate their frustrations in this (and other related recent innovative stunts) manner. Events have more than justified legal and peaceful protest and TTGM have been diligent in ensuring both.

      The term change is important here and we need to remind ourselves of some events from years past. Back in 2012 another march took place, a march that history suggests was a Trust act that was significant in highlighting the level of discontent then. Whilst the Trust is proud of its contribution from back then, and particularly the dignity shown by the then Chair Gary Cooper, that very successful march was not a Trust march, it was a Leeds United supporters march under the banner Campaign for Change. Its very success was it was a bottom up manifestation of frustration and all the better for it. Let us remind ourselves of what that was about and what it achieved, it has some significant resonance still for tomorrow. Taken from a Trust blog post in February 2012:

      “Leeds United Supporters' Trust would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who made Saturday's Campaign for Change protest march such a great success.

      The aim of the march was to draw attention to the growing number of fans who are dissatisfied with the way Leeds United is currently being run, and to highlight the need for positive changes to be made at the club. We had hoped for a strong turnout, but even our expectations were exceeded as over a thousand fans gathered in central Leeds on Saturday lunchtime. Far from a "minority" group of "empty vessels" or "morons," the fans who marched from City Square to Elland Road were drawn from across the whole spectrum of Leeds' support, from groups of friends, to families, kids, and lifelong Leeds supporters from all over the country. All were united by their love for Leeds United, and their feeling that the club is letting them down. 

      We would like to thank all the fans who marched for attending, and for their excellent behaviour throughout; and to extend a special vote of thanks to the volunteer stewards who helped the march run smoothly. The marchers made their point forcefully but peacefully, and disruption to the shoppers and workers in Leeds on a busy Saturday afternoon was kept to a minimum. We would also particularly like to thank West Yorkshire Police, whose advice and help was invaluable. The march was organised at very short notice, and their sensible and respectful policing helped ensure a successful day. One of the aims of the Trust’s vision statement is to see positive relationships built between the club, the fans, and local organisations, and the march was a great demonstration of the benefits of cooperation between L.U.S.T., the local police, and Leeds United supporters.

      We hope that the sight and sound of over a thousand peaceful, committed and passionate Leeds United fans choosing to forego their usual matchday routines to march from City Square to Elland Road will counter the accusation that dissatisfied fans form only a 'moronic minority' at Leeds United. Like all Leeds fans, the fans who marched on Saturday want the best for their football club, and they want to see that the club's owners share their ambition. We call upon the club not to dismiss the march, but to take seriously the concerns that led more than a thousand of our fans to protest this way.”

      When you read those words and when you then look at the events of the last 4 years and particularly those things done to us by the incompetent and ego led actions of our present majority owners, our present minority owners once our majority owners and the remnants of the ownership we protested against in 2012, you can only conclude such a march for change is most welcome.

      Best wishes to all involved and may your march be as successful over time as 2012 was ultimately.




      Michael Green